The area surrounding Bed & Breakfast van Marion offers a wide range of activities!
The area surrounding Bed & Breakfast van Marion offers a wide range of activities!
Oostvoorne is a village located in the province of South Holland. It is part of the municipality of Westvoorne and lies approximately 9 km north of Hellevoetsluis. Oostvoorne has approximately 5500 inhabitants. You will find the ruins of a castle in the city centre. The castle was built during the second half of the 12th century by the Lords of Voorne. The castle was also the home of the Countess of Hainaut (Jacqueline, Duchess of Bavaria-Straubing).

Hiking and cycling in and around Oostvoorne
There is a lot to do in the area surrounding Bed & Breakfast Marion! You can hike and cycle in and around Voorne and a visit to the fortified towns in the area is a must. The fortified towns of Brielle and Hellevoetsluis have a unique atmosphere and remarkable history. The historical fortified town of Brielle (Brill, also formerly known as Den Briel) is best known for its enthusiastic celebration of its liberation from the Spanish in 1572! Hellevoetsluis is more than just a fortified town. It is also a former Dutch naval base which saw the likes of De Ruyter, Tromp and Piet Heyn.
Voorne’s beaches stretch out over an area of 15 km between Haringvliet and the Nieuwe Waterweg. Oostvoorne’s beaches provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere and are located approximately 2 kilometres from our Bed and Breakfast. New dunes continue to form and there is a natural beach with lots of vegetation. The lake in Oostvoorne is located within a kilometre of our B&B. The shallow area is separated from the deeper water which makes the lake ideal for small children. The beach at Rockanje is located approximately 5 km from the B&B and offers everything beach enthusiasts need. There are numerous beach cafés for you to visit.

Woods and dunes
The Mildenburg estate is an old oak forest which marks the transition to the dune forest. A large dune provides an amazing view of the Groene Strand (Green Beach and the lake in Oostvoorne). The Groene Strand is a lagoon with valleys and bushes. It is a nature restoration project located near the lake in Oostvoorne. The Overbosch is located on the south side of Oostvoorne. It’s a lovely, small wood. The dunes in Voorne are extremely varied and offer a wealth of nature feature woods, dune valleys and sandy dunes. The dunes in Voorne are relatively young when compared to the dunes in the north of the Netherlands which are thousands of years old. The oldest dunes are approximately 800 years old and news dunes are being formed all the time.

Oostvoorne lake
Oostvoorne lake is over 250 hectares large and is ideal for water sports. Motor launches are prohibited on the lake. The clear water and the lack of tides make the lake a fantastic spot for diving. It is also a popular spot with Dutch fly fishermen. You will find Brielle lake located between the fortified town of Brielle and the Rotterdam port area. The lake forms the heart of a recreation area which is 750 hectares large and which spans approximately 10 kilometres. You can go canoeing and water skiing. Brielle lake with its islands and banks is surrounded by trees and bushes. It provides plenty of shade and peace for fishermen.

The strong economic ties with the port of Rotterdam have resulted in Voorne-Putten becoming part of the city region of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam is just a 20 minute drive.

Fun activities for young and old

• Midget golf and pancakes at Grand Café Swins • National Fire Brigade Museum in Hellevoetsluis • Lichtschip Noordhinder Hellevoetsluis(Lightvessel) • Indoor playground "De Ballebak Brielle" • Museum in den Halve Maen, a museum which features antique groceries, tins and hats. • A quest and hiking trails are available from the Tenellaplas visitors’ centre • De Flipjes playground in Ouddorp which is a 25 minute drive • Diergaarde Blijdorp (zoo) in Rotterdam which is a 30 minute drive • Waterland Neeltje Jans which is a 40 minute drive